Early Monday morning, May 23rd, Sunnyshore Studio Interns  Julian (me) and Jacob Dorsey and our dad Jason drove up to Snoqualmie Pass for a day of hard labor.

Dave Lane, a deacon at Redeemer church in Redmond, graciously gifted an enormous pile of wood to Sunnyshore Studio to use in conjunction with Faith of a Mustard Seed’s visit to Camano for their work week in July 10th-17th.

Once we reached Dave’s property high in the mountains we set to work.

Dave manned the chainsaw and cut apart tree after tree while Jason, Jacob, and myself packed wood to designated stacks. The big pieces of wood we rolled downhill for us to take. The mid sized and smaller pieced we hauled up a steep hill for the Lane’s to burn this winter.

Five hours and a lunch break later we had succeeded in reducing the massive stack of trees to sawdust and our task was completed.

Once this wood is transported to Sunnyshore Studio, the young men of Faith of a Mustard Seed will cut up the wood to use as firewood and for other purposes as part of their weeklong work project.

I’m glad these strong young men from Indy are going to help us split all this wood up!

By Julian Dorsey

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