I received news today that Island County has issued a permit for the minor engineer adaptions that had to be made to Sunnyshore Studio due to the soil compaction test.

Jim Spane’s work crew will begin on Wednesday, March 2nd. We have less than nine weeks before the Camano Island Mother’s Day Tour to get the shell of the Studio built to welcome the thousands of guests that will come through.

Here’s the work of the Engineer.


It all looks like scribbles, numbers, symbols and gybarish to me. But I figured it must mean something important to I forwarded the Engineer’s work to my son Jacob who is studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.

I wrote: “[Jacob] This is how an engineer’s head works. I don’t get it. Do you? Love you! Dad”

To which Jacob replied:

“Hey big daddy!

fc/FC is the stress based off of the force FC and certain material qualities fc. The arrows are pointing towards the structural beams, so I figure that C and B are the interior supports. K refers to Kips, which is a unit of Force (kilo pounds). Its pretty cool! Jacob Dorsey”

Even though I wasn’t able to understand his scribbles, numbers and symbols they obviously meant something to someone somewhere and it proves, once and for all, that engineers are an important and necessary part of life.




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