On March 2nd, 2016 construction began on Sunnyshore Studio. My dad met with the foreman of the project, Scott Frank, and his crew at 7:30am.

By the time I arrived at 5:40pm all of the poles were sunk in the ground. When I pulled up I was amazed at how high the poles reached. I felt like I was building a skyscraper!

At some point in the building process, the tops of these poles will be trimmed; but it will still be a very tall building, perfect for getting a great view of the Sound and the Cascades and providing a high ceiling for the display of art on the first floor.

The next step is an inspection of the poles. After the inspection concrete will put into the holes, securing the poles, and establishing a solid foundation.


And so we are off to the races. I’m hoping to have the shell of the building up by May 6th, in time for the Camano Island Mother’s Day Tour.


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