Last week I received some bad news about my Sunnyshore Studio project from my builder. Sunnyshore Studio’s completion by the Mother’s Day Tour hangs in the balance.

My builder told me that per the company’s engineering guidelines the poles used for the building had to be sunk 4 feet into the native soil. But because the excavation was done in the wet season and we needed to bring in a significant amount of pit run rock for the foundation,  we would need to get a compaction test done. The test came back last week oh so very close to the 95% the builder needed to treat the pit run like native soil (they think it fell short because of the wetness); so my builder is going back to the engineer to find out if there is a way to make it work from an engineering standpoint.

I really, really appreciate how hard Jim Spane is working find a way to make this happen; and I’m still very hopeful that we will have the Studio shell up by May 6th and be able to welcome guests.

It would be, of course, super disappointing not to have the Studio up for the art show; and very humbling to go back to the Camano Arts Association and backtrack. But we took our best shot, and I have no regrets for trying. Meanwhile we wait. It is in my Heavenly Father’s hands.

PS. Here’s a short video of Donnie Watkin’s crew bringing in the Pit Run Rock. By the way, I am very happy with Donnie’s work!

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