I had a ton of fun at the Snow Goose Bookstore book signing in Stanwood on Saturday and I discovered what makes book signings so great: the excuse to reconnect with dear old friends and family.

It was so fun to see dear old friends like Tim and Jeff Pierce, Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Ronning and his neice, and Eric and Susie Barbo.

And it was super special to have all the support of my family. My cousin Debbie Ruble was already at the Snow Goose when I showed up. My Aunt Margaret came by. My Uncle Robert and Aunt Sandy, dear cousin Megan and her son Johnny stopped by too. I was thrilled to find out that Sandy had read the story to Johnny and that now he wanted to go fishing. My sister April, and her girls Heidi and Joya came. It was fun to share this time with them. I hope to collaborate on a future “I Remember” book with April.

There were also old faces, old connections, from my distant past on Camano Island. like Kathy H., and Harlan and Mary Saylor.

Mary Saylor was the purchaser of the 200th book and the winner of this painting.

I also met a lot of new friends. There were lots of new faces. Many of them mentioned Sarah Arney’s article in the Stanwood news as to why they had come.

I’m so thankful for Kristine and Tom, owners of the Snow Goose bookstore for allowing dad and I the opportunity to do this. Kristine even bought 11 copies of the book to sell at the bookstore. I hope she sells out fast!

snow goose 25

By the end of the day I had sold 34 books. So dad, mom and I went across the street to a wonderful Thai Dinner.

I’ve now discovered the reason to do book signings, beyond selling books: it is to see dear old family and friends and to make new friends too.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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