At 5:30pm on December 1st, 9 boxes of books arrived at our apartment in Redmond. Anticipating their arrival, mom and dad were with us in Redmond, poised to go into action. The moment they arrived we began our book releasing signing and mailing party.

Mom’s Scottish roots paid off. A few weeks ago, she had purchased a bunch of padded mailing envelopes from a Dollar store, cut them in half, and taped them with duct tape so they would be an exact fit for the book to be sealed and protected in. This saved a lot of money, and helped a ton.

We set up an assembly line. Dad and I signed the books. Mom stuffed the envelopes.

book signing 1

At 7:00 I had to jump into a room next door for a Redeemer Redmond Facility Team meeting. Mom and dad kept at it. After the meeting, facility team members purchased a couple of books so it all worked out perfectly!

book signing 2

book signing 3

Mom, dad and I worked hard until about 11:00pm stuffing envelopes, and filling some of our largest orders. Two orders stuck out for their size. One of my friends, Wade Starkenburg ordered 11 copies.

Book signing post - wade

Another dear family friend, Anita Deyneka, ordered 20 copies.

Anita 9

Wade and Anita and everyone’s support and generosity is super encouraging! It was fun to fill orders, write letters, and mail the books off to friends and family far and near.

Jenny came down to help us. With her help, we finished up signing and sealing the envelopes by 11:00pm. Mom and dad took some of the books to hand deliver.

Here is our dog Winnie admiring our work.

book signing 4

The next morning, December 2nd, I headed to the Post Office to mail them. They were in the mail by 9:45am. I was amazed that I was able to mail all of them in less than 45 minutes and thrilled to find out that some of the books had reached their owners by the next day, December 3rd.

book signing 5

And that is how we mailed almost 200 books out in less than one full day.

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