We want to thank Jed and Renae Dorsey and their Acrylic University for being a Corporate sponsor of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington Finale-at-the-Floyd. Jed and Renae have been great supporters of what we are trying to do at Sunnyshore Studio. It means a lot they they have our back just as we try to have theirs.

Jed is one of the top acrylic artists in America today and his Acrylic University is the leading platform for high-quality acrylic education and mentoring and a great-community of artists. With over 1,000 students from all over the world and growing fast, Acrylic University is setting the standard for online art education. I could not be more proud of Jed and Renae and their daughter Willow for the beautiful community that they have built. And even though the business is doing well it’s never easy to give $500. But that is what they did! It was part of the reason Sunnyshore was able to rent the Floyd Hall in Stanwood for a day.

Here’s a little window into the great work that Acrylic University is doing. It is of an in-person workshop the summer of 2022.

If you’d like to learn more about Acrylic University or sign up for a month or a year you can do so at their web-site here:


Thanks Jed, Renae and Acrylic University for your Support!

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