Hi, I’m Jason Dorsey, Artistic Director of Sunnyshore Studio, a creative studio on Camano Island, WA, that shares beauty through art, books and film. I need your help to print a coffee table book that will preserve and tell the stories of twenty “vintage” watercolor artists who have contributed to the culture of Washington through their art, teaching and leadership. 

Vintage Watercolorists of Washington

I’ve been working on this project for the past five years. It is a labor of love. Beginning in March 2018, Sunnyshore Studio showcased the art and shared the stories of five master watercolorists. Each of the following years, apart from 2021 when the show was canceled due to Covid, I interviewed five more artists, traveling to their studios to see the places where they work and to capture their stories. Each March, Sunnyshore Studio held the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington to showcase their artwork.

My goal was to preserve their art and stories in a video documentary and coffee table book. The project culminates in March 2023 with one last showcasing of their paintings, the release of the documentary videos and the publication of the coffee table book.

I’m so excited to share their stories with you. Listening to them, I learned that every artist’s path is different. Their stories inspired me. I hope this book inspires you, too. My aim in writing is that the next generation of watercolor artists will take up the torch of this magical medium and contribute to the cultural riches of Washington, just like these vintage watercolorists have.


Here are some details about the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington book:

·  It is a beautiful hardcover coffee table book (8.5″ X 11″)

·  It has 208 pages with over 60 paintings showcased in color.

·  It is broken into 20 chapters, each telling an artist’s story. The conclusion shares lessons I learned along the way. 


Here’s where I need your help. I’m trying to raise money for the first printing of 200 books. The printing of each book costs me $38, and this does not include paying my wonderful editor ($900) and graphic designer ($500).

My cost = $9,000

If I’m able to raise more that $9,000 I’ll use that to order more books! I’m hoping that many of my friends and supporters will pre-order a book on this Kickstarter campaign. 


I’m offering rewards for my supporters. For a gift of $50, you will receive the reward of a signed (by me) Vintage Watercolorists of Washington book. This includes shipping and handling. For a gift of $200, you will receive the reward of four (4) copies of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington. 

I’m thrilled and thankful that many of the vintage artists donated a painting to be rewards in the fund-raiser.  I hope some of you will support the project at a level where you get an original hand-crafted artwork. Here are the images that you can get as a reward for your support.

Since we launched the Kickstarter campaign on December 1, we’ve raise $681 and are 7% of the way to our goal. If you are interested in you can go the the Kickstarter Project Here:


Finally I want to thank all the friends and family, artists and art lovers, collectors and patrons who have supported Sunnyshore Studio over the years. You have enabled us to pay our bills to keep our creative studio open and to continue to share beauty through art, books and film. Thank you so much!

Grace and Peace to you all, Sincerely, Jason Dorsey

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