The next morning after the glorious misty morning walk to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, I persuaded Jenny to take the same walk with me. It was misty that morning too. But instead of going immediately to the lighthouse we took a gravel road that led up the hill.

The sun was breaking through the mist, making the trees and path magical in light. Sadly, most of my photos were lost when the hard drive of my Mac crashed. But that happened after I had painted the Yaquina Woods series.

When I first posted the painting on Facebook an old friend from high school contacted me and said that he wanted to buy this painting. I remembered that comment. A few days ago I reached out to him and asked if he still wanted to buy it. He did. It is a great feeling when someone likes your art enough to buy it. Michael, thanks for supporting this artist and our creative studio. Without people like you we couldn’t make it!

If you are interested in seeing other paintings in my Oregon Coast Collection go to my online gallery here.

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