I took a risk last January and launched a Children’s Picture Book Cohort via Zoom. We met the first Monday of the Month via Zoom from 4:00-5:30 PST. I took this risk for two reasons. First, I wanted to hold myself accountable to do a children’s picture book every year. I figured that if I walk others through the steps, I could stay on track as well. That kind of worked. My third in the I Remember series is written, but I’ve only been able to do three illustrations for it. I was however able to write a chapter each month for the steps for that month.

The second reason was that I like to help others explore their creativity and, specifically, to help them achieve their dream of making the children’s picture book they’ve dreamed of, or any book for that matter. I could not have imagined how rewarding this year’s journey would be, how much fun the cohort would be, and how exciting it would be to cheer them on. I believe that God endowed each of us with creativity and it is pure joy to see that creativity flourish.

Another highlight was inviting creative friends to join a Zoom call and share their expertise with the cohort. They were tremendously helpful. Not only did cohort members get to pick their brain, some of them also ended up hiring the guests in their area of specialty.

In short, it has been quite a positive experience. In light of the fact that I am recruiting the 2022 cohort, I asked the cohort for blurbs about the class and here is what some of them came up with.

Ramona Snowden

“Your encouragement keeps me on a steady course moving forward, your ideas and suggestions and spotting bumps in the road have helped me straighten things out, the class information handouts present each step so clearly, your guests give us knowledge and answer questions from their areas of expertise, and having a cohort group to share our ups and downs while we’re each on a similar road – it helps to know we aren’t the only one experiencing the winding path to a completed project.

I’m still not sure how all this has happened. You created a safe place to share. I’ve written since I was 10 years old but never shared a word of it with anyone. I still have a box with my writing hidden under my bed, but at this point I think it’s just habit. God really had a plan when you, Jason, and my son, Dan, had a conversation and suddenly at 68 I’m in your class and finishing a book.

Jason, it’s because of your support and class that I’m just steps away from being part of the wonderful world of a published author. There aren’t enough words to thank you!!!

Daniel Kleyn

I have really enjoyed Jason Dorsey’s Children’s Book Cohort Class and meeting people from all over with the same dream of writing a story and turning it into a published book.  In this class, Jason teaches, guides, and coaches you to make it happen.

Mary Rose Jensen

I am thankful for Jason Dorsey, his children’s picture book writing course over Zoom, and everyone in his cohort.

I have had the idea of turning one of my hymns into a children’s book for several years. I’d started to think a teeny bit about how it might be illustrated, but that was as far as I got. Jason’s class, with its informative reading material, guest speakers, and encouraging cohort members, was what I needed to move past where I had been stuck for so long. Jason is encouraging, knowledgeable, and willing to share the wisdom he has gained from his own experiences.

Thanks to Jason’s class, I’m thinking that this book idea may actually become a real book! Mary Rose Jensen, Garden Rose Music

Kim Cooney

“Jason Dorsey’s one-year course on publishing your children’s book has been such an unexpected blessing. As a fine artist, illustrator, and children’s book author himself, Jason teaches from experience, taking you through the many steps toward publishing with first-hand knowledge, humility, and encouragement. Guest speakers chosen to discuss monthly topics offer a slew of information, and happily answer questions in their realm of expertise. During times of accomplishment and celebration, self-doubt and frustration, Jason is there to cheer you on, offer insight and provide motivation. Meeting regularly with like-minded souls who share your excitement, trepidation, and inspiration is uplifting and affirming. The handful of strangers that met the first night has become a family I can’t wait to see each month, and whose beautiful writings and illustrations I can’t wait to see in final print.”

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