Last week I spent the whole week up at the studio, fighting artist block and working on other projects. I had family come around and encourage me through the artist block, which was very helpful. I got to have fun experimenting with different painting styles and brushwork. My dad started to work on the deck and I helped him pick out a stain color for the wood and get the rest of the supplies needed for the project. I helped film interviews with my dad and brother for a video project about the upcoming art and cultural building in Stanwood. And I even got to make dinner from scratch for my grandparents! Although it was a long week and hard week, the good moments were really special to me.

In a few weeks I will be helping my dad do more video interviews of people in Spokane and near the Peninsula. We are using a new camera and microphone set that we just got, which is very exciting to use and play with. My older brother, who is really good with cameras will be teaching me the in and outs of using the new one. Combined with my camera knowledge from my film and digital college classes I think that the end result is going to be really well done, and hopefully the best production Sunnyshore will make.

I’ve picked up the digital art again on the Ipad when I get inspired and so I have been making fun graphics and designs. I think it would be really cool to open an etsy shop one day and sell prints of original watercolor art and digital art. Even more cool if I could make stickers too!

In a few weeks my family will be staying in a cabin in Oregon. I’m planning to bring my watercolor supplies and a sketchbook so that I can work on art in my free time when we are not on the beach or having a campfire. I have a feeling I will also be inspired to continue to dream up stories that I would like to write someday, haha.

Me and my dad have decided to postpone my art show to a later date, for now. There are a lot of techniques and skills that he is still teaching me to help me get my paintings from one place to another. I have been trying to make the jump from painting individual flowers against a white background to painting scenes of flowers, and I have a lot to learn still. We will update everyone on when my art show will take place in the future!

I’m also getting started to prep for school this fall! Me and my parents will be driving across the country, from one coast to the other. I’m excited to experience seeing the whole country now that I am older and can appreciate all the beauty. I’m sure this will present lots of opportunities for taking photos that I can later use as references for my art.

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