In March of the past three years, Sunnyshore Studio hosted the Jack Dorsey Invitational: Vintage Watercolorists of Washington to honor legendary northwest artist Jack Dorsey and to celebrate some of Washington’s great watercolorists. In 2021, we’ll take a break from the vintage show due to the pandemic. In its place, we will celebrate the art and life of Jack Dorsey with a solo show titled #81. #81 stands for Jack’s 81st birthday, Friday, March 12. It also stands for the 81 ORIGINAL Jack Dorsey paintings that will be for sale online. Twenty five of the “best of the best” of these paintings will be showcased at Sunnyshore Studio’s bricks and mortar gallery: 2803 S.E. Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA

Overview of #81: Celebrating the Life and Art of Jack Dorsey

  • #81 opens at at our brick and mortar gallery to the public on Friday, March 12, 10am. It continues on Saturday, March 13, 10am-5pm, and Sunday, March 14, 10am-5pm. Due to social distancing requirements, we will not have a reception. Mask required.
  • After the public opening, you can see the show by appointment through May. Call Jason Dorsey (317.209.6768) to schedule an appointment.
  • Sunnyshore Studio will also run an online auction of the 81 paintings that opens March 12 and runs through the end of March.
  • We will host a ZOOM “party” on Friday, March 12, from 7-8pm for friends and family, collectors and patrons to call in an wish Jack a happy birthday and thank him for his contribution to their lives. Please contact Jason Dorsey if you would like to be included in that Zoom call (email Jason or text/call 317.209.6768).

Jack Dorsey: Northwest Legend

Jack’s art career can be broken down into three parts. Part One: Jack’s beginning as a “pioneer artist.” Part Two: The Fallow Years. And Part Three: Rebirth of an Artist. His story is told, along with 55 of his beautiful paintings in the book, Sketch of an Artist.

Jack Dorsey: Patriarch of a Family of Artists

Jack Dorsey is the patriarch of a family of artists. His wife, Ann Cory, is a gifted artist herself. His oldest son, Jeff Davies, is a talented acrylic artist who has shown work at Sunnyshore Studio. His youngest son, Jed Dorsey, is a full-time, highly-sought after acrylic artist who recently launch Acrylic University, a popular online platform for acrylic art classes and community. His daughter, April Nelson, is an outstanding artist. His middle son, Jason, is the Artistic Director of Sunnyshore studio and an author-artist. Jack has collaborated on the illustrations for a number of books.

His grandchildren are carrying on the family tradition. Recently his granddaughter, Jacqueline Dorsey, had her first show at Sunnyshore Studio.

Jack Dorsey: Pioneer Artist on Camano the “Island of Artists”

Jack Dorsey’s art career is closely tied to Camano Island, the “Island of Artists.” In 1969 Jack Dorsey, his wife Ann and six month old son Jason, moved to Camano Island to make a go of it as a full-time artist. They moved into a little white house on Lot #77 of Sunnyshore Acres with no electricity and indoor plumbing on what used to be the “Sunnyshore Fox Farm.” Jack eventually converted one of the fox sheds into his studio which he still uses to this day.


The following three videos share Jack’s story. We hope that you enjoy learning more about this northwest legendary artist.

Shorter Version (7 minutes)

Longer Version (30 Minutes)

Jack Dorsey: Artist of the People

Jack Dorsey’s Art

Jack paints in a variety of mediums. While he is best known as a watercolorist, he also works in oil, gouache, and, most recently, acrylic. Jack tries to capture mood and intrigue in his paintings which causes the viewer to ask questions and study his art and personally relate to it in some unique way. Painting something common to experience but uncommon to expression is his goal. Whether a person, place or thing impacts his emotions is all that counts. It is very difficult to create originality and the emotional impact that he desires, but Jack’s paintings that have the desired technique and mood stand the test of time.

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