Acrylic University launches free training to public; artist’s story proves the health benefits of creativity. While schools nationwide are closing, Acrylic University is doing the opposite. The school is opening its doors to everyone. For free.

An online art school with students from all around the world, Acrylic University has found itself in a unique situation. While millions of people search for risk-free, healthy activities, this school knows how much art can help.

“Right now, people are stuck at home, bored and afraid,” says Jed Dorsey, founder of Acrylic University. “And we can help because art is actually really good for your health and you can do it from the safety of your home.”

For Dorsey, the health benefits of art are personal. He points to a painting on the wall. “If you knew my story, you’d know this painting represents my journey out of addiction, depression and fear into freedom. Art changed my life, and we started Acrylic University to help others enjoy life and make that same journey.”

The health benefits of creativity aren’t only for people who consider themselves artists. Doug Greenman, a member of Acrylic University, says, “Not only has it been fun, it’s also been a big part of improving my mental health.”

Research shows that Greenman’s experience is not unusual.

In her article “A Creative Life Is A Healthy Life”, Amanda Enayati says, “The link between creativity and better mental and physical health is well established by research. Creating helps make people happier, less anxious, more resilient and better equipped to problem-solve in the face of hardship.”

These benefits of art motivate Dorsey to share what he has. A fourth generation artist, he’s known for his exceptional teaching abilities. Students have flocked to his local studio for years, and now they are thriving through this online format.

One big factor in their success is the sense of friendship that’s been built. Cathy Pipes, another Acrylic University student, says the encouraging environment “fosters a really great community. People are very positive and support one another in this journey that we’re all on together.”

Dorsey believes what he and his team are doing at Acrylic University will be vital to many in this time of uncertainty.

“People who paint are happier, and happy people live longer. Art won’t get rid of your problems, but it will help you get through this trying time with more peace of mind.”

Here are the FREE courses included in this offer.

To register for the free classes go to Acrylic University’s home page and scroll down:

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