Here’s a bio of the most recent musician to contribute a song to the upcoming We are Family documentary: Jeston McRae. First here’s the story of how I met Jeston.

About a year ago, Jenny told me she was done cutting my hair. She has cut it since we were married. But she had had enough. I wasn’t patient during my haircuts, always rushing her, etc. etc. She said I had to figure it out on my own. So I went to a local barbershop, Rudy’s in Redmond. A young woman named Kyss cut my hair. We got to talking and it turned out she was from Camano Island, where I grew up. So from that time on I made sure to schedule Kyss for my haircuts. She told me that her boyfriend was cutting a hip hop record. I shared with her about the We are Family documentary. A few months ago I knew I needed more music and asked Kyss how I could listen to her boyfriend’s music to check it out. She told me to go to YouTube and type in Jeston and Everyday Create. That’s what I did and got this.

 I liked the feel and vibe of the music so stopped by Rudy’s, gave Kyss my Sunnyshore Studio business card and asked her to ask Jeston to contact me. She said she would and that she was sure he would be interested. Then nothing. Silence. So a couple of weeks ago (a few weeks before I would normally go it) I went to Rudy’s for a hair cut. I told her that I hadn’t heard back from Jeston and assured me he was interested. She said she would follow up. Then a week plus of silence…So yesterday I reached out to him via YouTube and we got connected. He signed the contract for the song, which fits perfectly in a section of game footage. Anyway, we’re super excited to have Jeston on the team. Here’s his bio:

Jeston Cole McRae grew up in the small town of Carnation, WA, about an hour east of Seattle. He was a very active kid who played sports year round and always had a love for all types of music. Having an older brother, he naturally gravitated towards whatever he was doing – and listening to. That was hip-hop. Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jurassic 5, Hilltop Hoods, Atmosphere, Blue Scholars, Swollen Members, Cypress Hill, just to name a few that influenced Jeston at a very young age. During high school he developed an interest in writing but didn’t begin writing songs until he was attending college at Central Washington University. By his early 20’s he had formed a group called Valley Vibes who released a couple projects and did shows over the course of a few years before splitting up due to undisclosed reasons. Then came the rebirth of Jeston’s solo career where he became more inspired and determined than ever before. He instantly got back in the studio at Ruby Room in Seattle and recorded his debut EP Everyday Create, produced by Elan Wright. With the EP recently being released he is currently working on pushing his music and booking shows as he continues to build his name in the Northwest music scene.

Quick Update on the Project

David Lichty is working on final edits, and putting in the final compositions. By March 1, we plan to have the movie with original sound track to Steve Wicks for mixing and mastering. Our expectation is to hold an exclusive screening of We are Family in Indianapolis in June, 2020.

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