Looking back on my summer internship with Sunnyshore Studio I find myself feeling fortunate for the opportunity it provided me. People often take spending time and vacationing with family for granted. After a tumultuous year of moving to Seattle and heading off to college on the East Coast, spending the summer with my family in our new home was extremely comforting. This internship allowed me to return home instead of spending the summer far away from my family while working in D.C, and for that I am truly grateful. This internship also allowed me to investigate my artistic side and I soon found myself rapidly gaining an increased interest in my newfound hobby of photography.

When people recall their summer memories they tend to only highlight positive memories. I will deviate from this norm and begin recapping my summer memories with the lowlights, challenges, and sucky parts.


  1. Barely getting any sleep while camping on Camano Island…..

and having to wake up to sunrises like this.


2. Having driftwood fall on you while you build a bulkhead..


3. Going hiking in Leavenworth and falling 300 feet down the side of a cliff.


4. Getting four wisdom teeth pulled


and eating four Frosties from Wendy’s a day for a week.

5. Saying Goodbye to family and grandparents before heading back to college

IMG_4914IMG_055450th anniversaryIMG_5571

Now the good stuff!


  1. Exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest!IMG_1608IMG_3904IMG_4590IMG_4759IMG_5512


2. Spending every day with family!


IMG_0377full time artist 1bulkhead 26IMG_2096wood 17opening 20

opening 13


3. Rafting and boating around Camano Island!



4. Photography!





This summer I worked on various projects for Sunnyshore Studio

I helped build a bulkhead

bulkhead 3

Rebuilt this website you’re using!

Open for business
Took photos of five Camano Beaches for the Beaches of Camano Art Show Grand Opening in December

beaches brochureIMG_3904IMG_5093IMG_5307

and today created and launched Sunnyshore Studio’s official Instagram account! IG: @sunnyshore_studio


Summer 2016 was a time filled with happiness, family, fun, and work. I grew in many ways  during this internship while working on these projects with my family. Overall I had a blast working for Sunnyshore Studio and the unique opportunity it provided for me. I am extremely grateful for my time spent with my family this summer and will cherish every memory I made this summer for years to come!


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