Looking back on my time during the months of June, July, and the beginning of August, I must admit that working with my family and spending time on Camano Island will be a highlight of summers for years to come.

bulkhead 26Being near Dad, Mom, Julian, Judah, and Jackie was by no means easy at times (6 people squished into 1400 sq feet); but overall, it was a very productive time.


Here are a few of the projects I accomplished:

Hauled Firewood from Snoqualmie Pass to Camano Island, then split it


Designed and built book packages and mailed the packages.


Dug the trench for the pipes to bring water from the well to the Studio


Helped Grandpa bring in the winter wood



Gardened with Grandma


Interviewed the Artists


Took videos of the beauty of Camano Island

Mowed and did yardwork

intern 6

Collected Driftwood and Built the Bulkhead

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Documented the changes happening at the studio


Helped my dad conduct interviews on the beaches of Camano

There were lots of other things I did including (1) researched Air B & B and other options and provided dad and mom a proposal to rent out the Studio apartment, (2) researches publishers for the Beaches of Camano book, (3)

The Internship included plenty of outdoor fun:

We hiked in with young adults from Redeemer Redmond in Snoqualmie


Took a boat trip with Julian and my cousin Joshua around Camano Island

We built a raft and then burnt it to celebrate the 4th of July

We Visited and hiked Grandpa Jack’s property in Leavenworth


We camped out for more than a month on Camano


And hiked around the south end of the Island.


A highlight was celebrating both of my grandparents 50th wedding anniversaries

I learned more about who I am as a person, and who God has called me to be. I enjoyed my time worshiping, serving and getting to know the people at Redeemer Redmond. Athleticism abounded as well, and playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee were great ways to spend Sunday afternoons.

All in all, the way I would describe the summer is not as an intern, but as a son, brother, and grandson of my family around me.

The phrase that captures this summer perfectly is “It’s so wonderful to have you as my neighbor!” [quote from Grandma Ann]


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