On Saturdays December 3rd, 10th and 17th Sunnyshore Studio will host our GRAND OPENING titled “The Beaches of Camano”. Jack Dorsey, Ann Cory (Dorsey), Jason Dorsey, Jed Dorsey, April Nelson and Julian Dorsey are teaming up to paint all the 30+ beaches of Camano and to create a coffee table book that will celebrate the beaches of Camano and help newcomers to our Island enjoy these beaches as well.

In the following weeks we will be featuring a few of those beaches.  Enjoy this photographic tour of the South End, Point Allen and Pebble Beach.

The coves south of Tyee Beach are rugged, untouched by people.


Eagles perch on the towering fir trees like kings of old keeping watch over their domain.



Seals hunt for shellfish and play in the crisp waters.

When we were kids my cousins and I would walk from our beach past Tyee beach to the solitary coves of the south end, build a driftwood raft and float on it to the southernmost tip of Camano, Point Allen, where we camped under the high cliffs there.

Two weeks ago Julian, Jacob and I walked from Tyee Beach towards Point Allen, the southern tip of Camano hoping to catch the sunset.

It’s a long walk so we had lots of time to talk, take photographs, and anticipate the setting of the sun. The cloud formations were beautiful and we anticipated an impressive sunset.

As we came towards Point Allen we could see Mt. Ranier off to the southeast.


We also saw the setting sun hit Hat Island, just off the south tip of Camano; and Julian took this picture of some of a washed up buoy.

Coming around the tip of the Island was dazzling as the setting sun painted the clouds soft alizarin and sienna against the cool blue sky.

And as we rounded the south end the sunset was spectacular. Here are some of the photos Julian took.

The beach houses on the southwest side of Camano range from the classic, cozy beach cabins,


to spectacular new modern designs.


We arrived at Pebble Beach in time to see the sun set.

I gave dad a call to pick us up.


And we couldn’t help stopping on our drive back to catch some of the sunset over Mabana Beach.

Hiking around the south end is the best way to experience the pristine beauty of Camano. But make sure you take this hike when the tide is going out. A high tide makes portions of this walk impassible – unless you are willing to slog your way through knee high water.

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