Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to announce our Beaches of Camano project.

In this project our family members will celebrate the beaches of Camano through art and story. Each family member has been assigned 6 beaches to paint (or photograph) with the goal of capturing the unique beauty, story, history – the particularity of that beach.

Each family member will also all paint “our beach” – the beach that we have lived next and have walked and played on for the past 47 years.

My Dad, Jack Dorsey, has been assigned Arrowhead Beach, Madrona Beach, Sunset Beach, Pebble Beach, County Park, and Cavelero Beach. When I was a kid we would launch our boat from Sunset Beach and I can’t wait to see what dad does with it!

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My mom, Ann Cory Dorsey, has been assigned Onamac Point, Mabana Beach, a Moonlight view from F.Y. Cory’s Beach, Bretland Beach, Long Beach/Iverson Beach. I’m eager to see her renditions of children playing at Mabana where generations of families have enjoyed the bright waters and warm sand!

My sister, April Nelson, has been assigned the beaches near their family farm on the northeast side of Camano: Indian Beach, Mt. View Beach, Livingston Bay, Sundin Beach, and Juniper Beach. I can’t wait to see her capture the subtle colors of the place she knows so deeply and loves so personally.

My brother, Jed Dorsey,  has been assigned English Boom, Cama Beach, Tillicum Beach, Camano Country Club Beach, and Driftwood Shores. It will be exciting to see the epic way Jed portrays Cama where so many generations of families fished and played, and which recently has been restored to its original glory welcoming new generations.

I have been assigned Utsalady Bay, Rocky Point, Elger Bay, Point Allen/Hat Island, Tyee Beach and a Map of Camano. I’m looking forward to painting the smelters at Utsalady at high tide in July with the sunset to the west.

We are excited to welcome a new family member to bring his artistic talents: my son, Julian Dorsey, will be photographing Camp Grande, Woodland Beach, Monaco Beach, Camano Island State Park/Pt. Lowell and the South End (the beaches between Tyee & Pt. Allen).

This project will culminate at the Grand Opening of Sunnyshore Studio which takes place on three Saturdays in December – December 3rd, 10th, and 17th.

We will also create a coffee table book titled Beaches of Camano that will celebrate the beauty, stories and history of Camano and help people find their way around so that they can enjoy the beauties, stories and histories of our beaches too.


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