Here’s an update on my foray into the publishing world.

It was fun today (June 27th) to pick up a copy of I Remember Fishing with Dad (IRFWD) at the public library in Redmond. I guess I’ve arrived as an official author since my book is in the King County Library System.

An amazing development materialized out of the blue:

In June dad did jury duty in Coupeville for a couple of weeks  during which he met a woman who owns a Payless in Freeland on Whidbey Island. She is interested in purchasing 100 books for her store at wholesale price and will donate proceeds she makes to charity. I guess there ARE some perks to having a dad who is a Promoter!

We are also taking our show to the streets. Sunnyshore Studio will be setting up an art booth at Art By the Bay in Stanwood over the weekend of July 9th and 10th. We’ll sell books, illustrations, and artwork from family members. If you’re in the area stop by and visit us.

I am going to be doing a book signing at Third Place Books in Ravenna, Seattle in August (either Sunday the 21st at 5:00pm or Monday the 22nd at 7pm). I’ve promised that I can rally at least 15 people to come out for the book signing…and totally stressing about how I’ll make that happen 🙂. Stay tuned for more details.



It also looks like Island Books on Mercer Island will be selling IRFWD. I want to give a special thanks to the advocacy of my old friend Nancy Axell, the story of which I have told elsewhere.

We sold 40 copies of IRFWD during the big Father’s Day push over May and June. Jenny was the wizard behind the curtain for this push. She asked lots of our friends to share a link to our web site over Facebook. I was so encouraged by how many of our friends championed and celebrated the book by sharing it in this way.

My book is at the following Costco stores. It will only have a shelf life of 4-6 weeks so if you shop at any of these stores you should take advantage of the great price (I think that they are like $15) and pass on this information to your friends:
Aurora Village


Finally, in terms of a BIG FUTURE PROJECT THAT’S LOOMING OVER ME, I have begun to write the text for the Beaches of Camano Coffee Table Book. The text for this book needs to be written, the illustrations painted and the layout formatted, so that it can be published in time for our the GRAND OPENING of Sunnyshore Studio on Saturday, December 3rd!

beaches brochure


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