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Over a decade ago I dreamed of writing a children’s book about a boy who goes salmon fishing with his dad in a derby and discovers that more important than winning derby is just being with his dad.

I faced a lot of hurdles in hammering out the story, creating the illustrations, and finding a publisher. That’s another story.

On December 1st I Remember Fishing with Dad is being released. Dream become reality. Almost.

As it neared time to have the book published, I realized I faced another hurdle. I wanted to buy 200 books from the publisher so I could resale them. But I didn’t have the cash flow to do that.

I decided to set up my web site to take online purchases. I made a goal to sell 100 copies by November 15th.

Here is the story of how that went:

Thursday, October 29th

  • I announced my goal and asked people to help me reach it. I was surprised and thrilled to sell 24 copies online, and 12 copies via snail mail. We were off to the races with a total of #36 copies the first day.

Friday, October 30th

  • On line sales slowed down, I sold only 4 books via the web. But a number of people contacted me wanting larger orders, and I sold 19 more books this way. So #23 copies sold on Friday, with a grand total of 59 sold!


So I’m over half way there. Thanks to all my family and friends that are helping me jump this last hurdle! I’m so excited to share this story with you.

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