I’m excited to share this video that announces the publication of my Children’s book “I Remember Fishing with Dad”. I had lots of fun making it.

Please help me reach my goal to sell 100 copies of I Remember Fishing with Dad before November 15th. 

You can pre-order books on my web sight, http://www.sunnyshorestudio.wordpress.com. A book costs $25 ($30 including taxes, shipping and handling). To order look under “Buy Books and Art.” 

Selling 100 books by November 15th will provide the cash flow I need to order 200 copies of I Remember Fishing with Dad. If you do purchase a book or two for Christmas gifts I will mail you a signed copy as soon as the books are delivered to me on or before December 1st, 2015.

Praise for I Remember Fishing with Dad

I am blown away by the praise and kind words people I highly respect have for I Remember Fishing with Dad.

“This enchanting story carries the reader back to childhood on a voyage evocative with the exquisite watercolor illustrations of a father and son, Jack and Jason Dorsey. This book has become a classic in our family, to be reread and paintings enjoyed repeatedly.” Anita Deyneka, World Without Orphans and A Family for Every Orphan

“Jack Dorsey and son, Jason, have collaborated on a sincere expression of ‘just going fishing’ together. Through their beautiful watercolor illustrations and heartfelt words, readers can’t help but be connected to their own special childhood memories with Dad.” Thomas William Jones, noted American watercolor artist

“Jason Dorsey has written a good book on fishing. His message goes beyond fishing to a deep desire to see men reconnect with their children. He has seen the tragic impact of missing Dads and offers this enjoyable story to help fathers turn their hearts back to their children and families. Read it and then go fishing with your children, or mountain biking or hiking or swimming or whatever sweet spot you can find with them. May the Lord turn your heart toward your children.” Russ Pulliam, Indianapolis Star

“Every image that Jason Dorsey paints is radiant with gratitude — especially a deep thankfulness for family and a contagious enthusiasm for creation. While his memory for detail is impressive, his capacity to capture and reflect the light and colors of Pacific Northwest mornings will be a gift to every reader.” Jeffrey Overstreet, author of Auralia’s Colors

Thanks to people who believed in me and supported me along the way

I want to thank all my friends and family who believed in me and supported me in this project.

In particular I would to thank my friends, Matt Hale who helped me develop and early draft of this book and Paul Baumgarten who took the photographs for it, and David Lichty who encouraged me to create more dramatic tension in the story. Esther Heshenhorn was a great coach as I tried to figure out the ins and outs of writing children books. And I am especially thankful for Shelley Houston who is helping me bring this decade old project to light. And a special thanks goes to my nephew Josh Nelson who helped me create this video.

Finally, thanks to my dad who took me fishing. I love you.

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