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Jed Dorsey solo show “There and Back Again” a smashing success

Jed Dorsey’s solo show at Sunnyshore Studio that opened on Saturday, July 15th practically sold out. Here’s the story.

On Friday night, the 14th, we hung the show. Jenny worked her “collaging” magic. Jed’s paintings were “fresh” as advertised. On Saturday morning he was still finishing one of them up!


It was a beautiful day on Saturday the 15th. At the welcome center as you enter the Studio there was a thank you and information on our sponsor, Wade Starkenburg and Stanwood Self-Storage. There was also a raffle ticket where for five dollars you could enter to win one of five prizes: first place was a painting, second place a free spot at Jed’s October workshop worth $300, and third place was $100 off a painting. The raffle tickets sold briskly throughout the day.

Right away Jed’s paintings began to sell.

The signature piece was one of the first to go.

There and Back Again

By about 2pm we were amazed by how many red stickers there were. I went through the Gallery and took pictures of all of them.

Patrons and collectors were very excited to get their piece!

What we enjoy most about hosting shows is the community that is built around them.


That evening, thanks to our sponsor, we were able to treat our guests to hotdogs, potato salad, chips and drinks. The party lasted till nine.

By the end of the night Jed had sold 14 of the 26 paintings on display. We were ecstatic, and Jed very encouraged.

But we could not have anticipated what happened next. A friend had asked via facebook what paintings were left. So on Sunday I posted the paintings that were left. They included these.

Cindy led the way by purchasing two. And after her we sold 4 more via facebook. It was super fun and overwhelmingly encouraging to have such an overflow of support.

And that’s how in the end Jed sold 20 of 26 of his paintings!

We were able to send him and Renae and Willow off to Canada with a little financial breathing space.

We’re looking forward to another solo show for Jed in July 2018. Our advice is to get their early!




Jed Dorsey revving up for big solo show and PARTY on Saturday July 15th

Jed Dorsey arrived in WA with a base of paintings for his first solo show in his home state.

He’s been painting full-steam ahead this past week adding to the already impressive collection. Here he’s painting on the deck of his dad and mom’s home on Camano.

revving up 2

A few days ago Jed and his older brother Jason spent the afternoon painting together in the studio.


The life of a full-time artist is that your never really on vacation because of the importance of putting bread on the table.  Artists who make a living off there art are always thinking about, or working on, their new painting. Jed has found creative ways to spend time with people, including visiting with them while he paints. Here he is visiting with his friend Merle.

revving up 3

This allows for grandparents and uncles and aunts to spend special time with Jed and Renae’s daughter Willow who as a princess should always be entertained. Her uncle Jason took her to sparkly Mabana Beach, which was the highlight of his day.

Meanwhile, the machine is in gear to throw a big party for Jed’s solo show, his first solo show on Washington, on the Island he was raised.

Posters are up around town.

Invitations have been sent out. The full page Ad is up in the July 7th edition of the Crab Cracker. Grass is mowed, and plans are underway to to throw a big party at the Studio on Saturday, July 15th.


We’re planning on 300 people coming by for the opening. Doors open at 10am on Saturday. The party will really get going around 6pm. It will be the place to be on the 15th.

Come by and meet this rising star in the art world, Camano Island’s own JED DORSEY, and view his beautiful artwork!

mud puddles

And thanks again to Wade Starkenburg for sponsoring the show and allowing us to throw a BIG HOMECOMING PARTY for Jed.

There and Back Again (2)


Jed, Renae and Willow’s Epic Road Trip and “Reveal”

This week artist Jed Dorsey, his wife Renae and daughter Willow are embarking on an “epic road trip” from Indiana out west. The trip will last 46 days and include one art workshop, one art show, 2 family reunions, one pop-up camper, two ferries, two countries, two parents and one five year old.

Epic Road Trip

Anyone who has gone on an epic road trip like this knows that it will be full of fun adventures, bumps and bruises, and rich memories.

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to be hosting Jed’s solo show “There and Back Again”. The opening for the show will be on Saturday, July 15th. It will run all day, beginning at 10:00am to 9:00pm. But the food, fun and festivities will really pick up at the reception from 6:00-9:00pm.

postcard 1

We are calling this a “reveal” for two reasons.

First, we are calling it a “reveal” because this will be the first solo show Jed has had on Camano and, in fact, in Washington State. Jed is a native of Camano Island, the son of noted artist Jack Dorsey, and a rising star in the art world.

Second, we are calling it a “reveal” because we are so excited to showcase Jed’s stunning artwork. Like their “epic road trip” Jed’s art captures the moods and mysteries, lights and darks, glories and greatness of nature.

Hiking Whistler

Jed’s friends from High School, and all art lovers and friends of the arts on Camano, wont want to miss Jed’s “There and Back Again” show.

mud puddles

“There and Back Again” opens on Saturday, July 15th and runs through August 1st. If you can’t make the opening on Saturday, July 15th, you can schedule a private viewing by calling Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director Jason Dorsey: 317.208.6768



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