Racial divides continue in America. But in the darkness of division there are stories of hope.

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Sunnyshore Studio is working on a documentary called We Are Family that will tell the inspiring story of how a basketball team from an urban school in the heart of Hoosier basketball country came together around a common dream of winning the state basketball tournament, how they fought through personal and team challenges, how they forged a bond as family, and how they rallied a whole community around them.

After the Titans won the Championship Game in March, 2014, Indy Star Reporter, Bob Kravitz wrote an article that reflected on the meaning of the victory.

“Landmark State Title proves inspiration to entire Tech community” 

“From the time they are young, these kids who attend Indianapolis Public Schools are told they can’t. Parents try, teachers try, mentors try to lift them up and out of their circumstances, but the lowly graduation rates at schools such as Arsenal Tech do not lie, nor does the alarming drop-out rate.

 On Saturday night at Bankers Life, though, the talented and composed young men of Arsenal Tech believed they could do something very special, something that hasn’t been done since Broad Ripple earned the IPS’ last state title in 1980. And they did, knocking off Lake Central, 63-59, winning the Class 4A state title, showing everybody, yes, they could.

 Sixty years ago this week, Milan won one for all those small schools.

Saturday night, Tech won one for all the schools and the students who have been told they aren’t good enough to ascend the greatest heights.

 Remember the Titans.”

We Are Family will explore the impact of this victory on the lives of the players, coaches, school and IPS community four years later. In it we ask, “did that victory matter?”  And we hear a resounding: YES!

We look forward to sharing this story with you that proves that the relationships that are built when a team comes together as a family really do matter and endure.

Updates on the production of the Movie

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