On Saturday, November 4, Stanwood Camano Art Advocacy Commission (SCAAC), an organization which I serve on the board of that is building an new art center in Stanwood hosted our first fund-raiser. Our goal was to raise 50k for programming, build community, and engage all the senses. Jenny and I drove up from Redmond and had such a fun evening.

Rose and Craig Olson opened their beautiful “barn” for the event.

The place was packed with people and amazing food and drink and smells and sounds. Everyone had a great time.

Board member Sam Fairley, who works for the Gates Foundation and lives on Camano, did a great job making the case for giving to SCAAC to help us with programming. It’s truly remarkable all that we have been able to do to over great education in the arts and to build community through the arts.

Sam’s enthusiasm for SCAAC’s mission was heartwarming and encouraged generosity. So far we have raised $31,155. We still need to raise $3,500 to meet a 10K match opportunity.

The donation link is still active – maybe you or someone that you know was unable to attend but would still like to support arts programming.

You can make a donation here:


There is another opportunity to support SCAAC coming up on November 28 on “Giving Tuesday.” Here’s more information:

You can learn more about that giving opportunity here:  www.scgive.org/2023_scaac

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