I continue to plod along painting the Sammamish Rivertrail. My goal is to have an art show in the next year or two where 356 Watercolors, one for each day of the year, will show the Sammamish, its trails and bridges, its nooks and crannies, it moods and moments, in all of its diverse beauty. Here are paintings that I did from August – October 2023.

In August I walked on the west side of the Sammamish and saw many beautiful sunrises, like this one.

And this one with pastel colors.

And this misty morning looking through a window in the trees.

And this. It feels like fall is in the air.

Here’s a painting of Brody on the west side of the trail on one of our walks.

Fall is my favorite season, with the low sun and long shadows. This is the scene across from Luke McRedmond park.

Fall is definitely in the air in this painting.

Kayakers are enjoy the last warm days of summer.

The fall mornings can be foggy. This is painted from one foggy morning in front of our Avignon townhouse.

It’s a great time to walk with that special person.

And enjoy the beautiful little places along the trail. The light breaks through over the river and through the woods in this scene.

Early one morning I walked Brody. The rain had fallen heavy, leaving puddles on the path east of the rivertrail.

It was an evocative scene so I painted it a number of times.

Its hard to capture the feel, the impression of the moment, but I try.

This one I tried to show the feel of the mist, of the depth of the scene with the trees fading into the distance.

The light broke through that morning.

And the ripples and colors that dance on the river in every season are always pretty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the paintings from late summer and early fall 2023. I’m getting closer to my goal of a painting for every day of the year. Stay tuned for me.

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