Cannon Beach Panorama

There is one more view of Cannon Beach that I must capture, a panorama of the whole scene with Haystack Rock and the layers of hills beyond and the ocean in all its surging power. The Pacific reminds me that I am a very small creature in a very big world and an immense universe that is vast beyond comprehension. The other thing that reminds me of my transience are the Tsunami signs that warn to run to high ground in the case of that natural disaster. There are many ways we mortals may die, and few that are to be desired. But to run through the sand to escape an incoming wave seems especially terrifying to me. Thus, wise and careful man that I am, I always look for the high ground that I will run for in the case of a Tsunami. I’m not sure how I would know one is coming. But at least I can be prepared to bolt. After noting the high ground, I am free to enjoy the sandy wildness and winds of the Oregon Coast. And with that reminder of our mortality, we head south on Highway 101 towards Tillamook.

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