Two talented artists and brothers, Jason and Jed Dorsey, are going to make 10 people very happy during the popular Studio Tour that happens on Camano Island over mother’s day weekend (Friday-Sunday, May 6-8) and the following “encore” weekend (Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15). You could be one of those ten people.

Here’s how.

(1) You submit a favorite photo(s) of a place that you want a painting of: It could be your childhood home, a beautiful beach on a vacation, or a misty morning scene at your farm, whatever place that is special, beautiful and meaningful to you. (2) You select either Jason or Jed to paint the scene. And (3) you choose the size of your special painting.

Jason and Jed will then pick the photographs that they are going to paint. Jed is going to paint four and Jason six paintings. They will notify you if your painting is selected and when they plan to paint it so that if you are in the area you can watch the painting come to life.


Jed Dorsey original painting will be an acrylic on deep cradled gesso board. No frame is needed. It is ready to be hung.

  • 12″ X 12″ = $495
  • 16″ X 16″ = $895

Jason Dorsey original painting will be a watercolor on watercolor paper. It will not be framed. You should plan on framing costs for best display of the painting.

  • 9″ X 12″ (painting can be horizontal or vertical) = $150
  • 15″ X 22″ (painting can be horizontal or vertical) = $400
  • 22″ X 30″ (painting can be horizontal or vertical) = $800

Next Steps

First, you choose the artist you want to paint your special place.

Jed is one of the leading acrylic painters in America today. He paints in acrylic. His paintings are epic in composition, rich in color, bold in brushstrokes and brilliant in light.

Jason is a gifted watercolor artist. His paintings capture the feel and mood of a place through the use of light and dark values and his impressionistic-realistic style.

Second, you choose the size of the painting you want (see above)

Third, you submit your photo (s) of your special place to Jason

You can either email them to Jason at or text them to him at 317.209.6768.

If your photo commission is accepted Jason will contact you to let you know and when it will be painted in case you would like to watch it come to life.

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