In a previous post, I shared about how the Stanwood Camano Art Commission began in November, 2017, and was formed as a 501c3 in 2021. You can read about that here:

I’m excited to share some great news for the Stanwood-Camano region. On December 31 a gift of 2.2 million $ was transferred to the Community Foundation of Snohomish County for the Stanwood-Camano Art Advocacy Commission (SCAAC). Two million is for the operating endowment (90% for operating cost; 10% for building upkeep, maintenance, improvements) and the remaining $200,000 is towards a capital pledge of $3 million. As you can imagine, this was a great way to end an already banner year for SCAAC!

I chose this painting by my brother Jed Dorsey of the sunlight breaking through the clouds as a kind of visual of how great this gift is and how it will bring so much good and beauty to Stanwood-Camano!

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