This past week has been a fast and crazy one, but it was well worth it. My family went on a vacation to Plain, Washington and stayed in a cabin for a few days with our extended family on my dad’s side. Then we came home and went immediately up to the studio to prep for the art show. It was quite hectic and there were moments where we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to pull it off. After hours of getting the grounds ready and putting paintings on the wall we were almost ready to go. Somehow we managed to get all the work done and we were ready to open our doors on time for the show. In fact, we had guests arriving twenty minutes before it officially started that we were able to welcome in. My cousin Willow, who is nine years old, sold two of her pieces before the studio tour officially began in those twenty minutes!

We had over 1,000 guests stop by and enjoy the 13 artists, free ice cold water, and air conditioning. It was amazing to see so many people who were willing to brave the heat! My uncle Jed was the top seller, followed by Betty Dorotik. Willow sold out of all of her paintings by the second morning of the show. I had a few pieces sell in the first few days, but I was blown away when Scott Jones bought one of my pieces. It was an honor that he offered to be a reference for me at the Scottsdale art school! I had a fellow watercolorist buy one of my pieces which also meant a lot to me! 

Everyone helped so much and supported my mom, dad, and I throughout the whole process. On Saturday we had people over for dinner after the show which was really fun, and we did a similar thing on Sunday for my family. We got to share how we were thankful for each person and the hard work they contributed over the weekend. We told funny stories and laughed, and there were even a few tears. A big thanks to everyone who visited us and other artists during the studio tour, and a big thank you to those that helped or volunteered their time as well.

Stay tuned for my solo art show in the fall! I will be doing lots of painting for that and I’ll continue to share as I go!

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