This sweet letter was sent to Dad on his 81st birthday art show. Stories like this make the work of running the gallery worth it. They remind how meaningful an artwork can be to a collector and their family. What is unusual about this story is how young the collector who bought one of Dad’s paintings in 1976!

Dear Jack Dorsey,

Happy Happy Birthday! My family and i hope you have a fantastic day full of family, friends, surprises and lots of love! And i am so glad to be able to include a note for you to read on your special day. I just read the section i saved from the Everett Herald, and i hope to view more of your wonderful paintings after i write this note.

We have been needing to Thank You since Christmas of 1976, when i bought my parents the most beautiful painting you did that we call Daisies. (maybe not so original…!) I was a senior at Arlington High School, working at O’Brien’s Turkey House. As i was also in the DECA program, i was allowed to work, a lot. in fact, i was the first Junior that Al O’Brien let waitress… and i loved it there! You had your work on display, and i would always wander out to the lobby and just stare at them. One day i decided i had to get my folks that painting, as Mom looooved daisies. But she was allergic to them! When i told Al and Mike that i wanted to buy it, i remember them being so surprised as i was not the usual buyer! I had never spent that on a gift, as well, but i had been saving a lot as we were scheduled to close for a month after the holidays. And you were surprised, too! But appreciative, and not patronizing, just lovely. I felt like an adult, for sure, at 16! So there i was, feeling flush, and i give Mom and Dad this painting for Christmas…

It was the hit of presents of our entire family’s lifetime and i am not kidding! Of all, of any, anywhere! i had told my 2 older sisters what i had done, in advance, as they were both away at college, and they could not believe that 1. i had the money and 2. i had the desire. Mom and Dad were just gobsmacked. jaw dropping, tears of joy, just an amazing experience. And it became their favorite, Mom’s especially, as they were the only daisies she truly could enjoy, she would say. Currently hangs at our family home on Whidbey, in between their chairs. Having both passed i have claimed it, of course, but i want our extended family to enjoy it and love it as we all have, for 45 years. Everyone in the family knows the story, loves the painting and i am so happy to share that with you, and Thank You again for years of enjoyment!

As for the photo of the painting, forgive my husband for the quick shot, when i called and shared the article about you he sent me this, being out on the island today. where is the frame? the placement?! Well, i hope you recognize it anyway!

Thank you again and Happy Birthday! 

If you’d like to view the entire show celebrating Jack’s 81st birthday follow this link. Maybe you’ll find a painting that would be a perfect gift for a loved one!

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