2020 if anything has been an unpredictable, challenging, and difficult year. For artists without a regular stream of income, one might even use the word “desperate” to characterize the challenges of 2020. Sunnyshore Studio was forced to close down our March Vintage Show early. The 2020 Camano Studio Tour in May, which is traditionally one of our best and biggest shows was canceled. For our Studio’s first two quarters (January – June) our total income was less than $200. Thankfully we were able to pull off two shows in August and October. Because of the surging pandemic, we have decided to not host our annual Christmas show. Yes, for artists and art studios these are challenging, even desperate, times.

It is in light of the days we are in that we commend Jack Dorsey for his decisive measures in regards to his 2020 Christmas Card. Here is the story.

Dad painted a delightful still life acrylic that mom photographed and they sent in to the printers be turned into the 2020 Christmas Card. We planned to unveil the painting at our Saturday, December 6 opening for our annual Christmas show (Which we’ve canceled now due to the pandemic). On Sunday, November 22, friends and collectors of Dad’s art, William and Sandra Dykstra, paid a visit and enjoyed lunch at Dad and Mom’s place (William is almost exactly Dad’s age. They met on jury duty a number of years ago). Dad showed him all his new paintings. William ended up wanting to buy none other than the Christmas Card painting and offered $1,000 for it unframed! As mom puts it, “Dad sold it with the idea that a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”

The Dykstra’s purchase of his Christmas Card painting was, of course, super encouraging for Dad. However, it left Sunnyshore Studio with the dilemma that we no longer had a Christmas Card painting to “unveil”. Dad nobly went back to work, and has painted a wonderful second Christmas painting much like it, but also with its own special flair and flavor. So there you have it. If you would like you can purchase this new Christmas Painting. Just know that it isn’t the one on the 2020 card. But, as the wise say, “desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here is Dad, Jack Dorsey’s, new 2020 Christmas Painting. I think it’s quite wonderful!

Christmas Cheer

  • Acrylic painted on gessoed panel
  • Image Size: 14″ by 18″
  • Framed: $1,200
  • Unframed: $1,000

If you’d like a set of cards, I’m happy to get you a box of 10 cards for $25. Let me know if you are interested. Contact me at j.dorsey23@gmail.com or 317.209.6768.

We are SUPER THANKFUL for the support of our friends, collectors and patrons in 2020. We look forward to what 2021 will bring to our creative studio as we adept to the days we are in.

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