Racism is a reality today. But there are stories of people coming together across race too. We are Family tells the story of how players and coaches from Arsenal Tech, an inner city high school in Indianapolis, came together as family, how against all odds they won the 4A Indiana basketball championship, and how they brought a city together. 

Sunnyshore Studio is excited to share the plan with two options for the exclusive screening of We are Family: an in-person showing of the film at the Toby theater, Newfields, Indianapolis, IN; and an at-home showing of the film for a limited time on YouTube.

Option 1: In-Person @ the Toby Theater, Newfields

We had originally planned on the screening for June 2020. However, COVID-19 changed our plans. We pushed the in-person screening back to September.

On Saturday, September 19, 5:00-8:00pm we will host an exclusive screening of We are Family at the Toby Theater @ Newfields (Indiana Museum of Art). Though the Toby Theater holds up to 530 people, due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, we only have space for 175 people. This greatly limits our guest list. We plan to invite (1) Tech players, (2) coaches, (3) all the people interviewed in the movie, (4) musicians who created the soundtrack, (5) video editors, (6) sponsors and (7) major donors. We will require everyone to wear a mask in the theater and will ensure social distancing in the theater. We wish we could pack the Toby. But it is more important to keep people safe.

We are excited to provide a VIP reception in the Toby theater lobby from 3:30-5:00. Hor d’oeuvres will be provided by Kahn catering. It will be super fun to have the players, coaches, musicians, video team, and sponsors and their special guests walk the red carpet, mingle, get their pictures taken and remember that special time.

The Toby theater at 4000 N Michigan Rd. It is located in the first floor of Newfields, the old Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Of course, since we are living in a pandemic, we have to hold all of our plans loosely. That’s why we are thrilled to offer a second option.

Option 2: At-Home Screening via YouTube

We will offer a screening of We Are Family during a limited window of time on YouTube. This option will be provided for all the people listed above and also the 110 supporters who gave to our Kickstarter campaign! We will provide an “unlisted” link to the movie on YouTube. The current draft of We are Family will be able to be accessed on that link during the following window:

  • Thursday, September 24, 5pm EST through
  • Sunday, September 27, 12am (Midnight) EST

We know that some people will not be comfortable attending the in-person screening. Making We Are Family accessible for three days on YouTube makes it possible for those people, as well as supporters all over the US to screen We are Family and provide us with valuable feedback.

What is an exclusive screening?

An exclusive screening is a chance for us to show the movie and get feedback on the movie as it now stands before it is finished. We look forward to getting feedback and making changes based to the movie based on it. We will provide the people at the Toby Theater and those who watch the movie online with a questionnaire. Thanks in advance to all who will provide us with your valuable perspective on the movie.


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