This fall Eric Locke made a big musical contribution to the We are Family documentary. He just completed the musical score for Fairy Sightings – Season 1. Since Eric and I (Jason) keep teaming up on creative projects, I want to introduce you a little more to the talent behind the music.

Eric grew up listening to a variety of music such as jazz, pop, rock and soundtracks through his parents album collection as well as taking in whatever happened to be playing on the radio. In his early teens growing up in Hawaii he was inspired to be a musician while sitting in on a local kid playing drums to Rush’s Tom Sawyer. His sister’s boyfriend steered him towards guitar, (cheaper and easier to lug around) and managed to borrow one shortly thereafter and in doing so joined the ubiquitous right of passage for many youngsters in the 80’s. He picked his way through pop chords on MTV before being ushered into hard rock/heavy metal riffs by the tribe that wound up adopting him. The rest of that decade would find him playing in back yards, garages, talent contests, clubs and rec centers all around Oahu. It was during this time that the desire to create music was cultivated and has since lingered. While moving away from Hawaii, a cultural shift in music and his focus on gainful employment brought a serious slowdown to any general participation in a music scene while the melodies and ideas for songs persisted until the home recording revolution came along and put the tools of recording into the hands of the world. Since then he’s recorded a few of artists, made intro music for podcasts as well as worked through some of his own ideas, some of which can be heard under the working title of The Undone Orchestra He currently resides in Redmond, Washington with his wife and daughter who are occasionally summoned into the closet recording studio to critique yet another mix.

Anyway, we’re super thankful for Eric’s creative collaboration and look forward to more in the future. If you want to hear his work check this out:

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