On Monday of this week (March 30th) I was in trouble. We had turned in the We are Family documentary with almost 3 hours of original music that was eclectic, compelling and that made the movie come alive. However, I wasn’t happy with the music that we had chosen for the two minute intro to the movie. I needed hype music, something with more energy. So I reached out via facebook.

Immediately my friend Aaron Story, who has been a supporter of the We are Family project, reached out. Aaron is the Executive Director of Elevate Indy, a sponsor of the We are Family exclusive screening. Elevate Indy is an education and mentoring non-profit that exists to build long-term life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute in their community. They teach state accredited character and life skills classes during the school day and mentor those same students 24–7-365 outside of school. Elevate Indy’s focus is on 4th-12th grade IPS students.  Aaron reached out to his friend Wildstyle Pascall who is a Indy based hip hop producer.

Wildstyle connected with me and said he had a song that might worked. He shared “Strength” by Pope Adrian Bless. It was perfect, just was I needed. So I’m thrilled to introduce the last member of the We are Family team. Meet Pope Adrian Bless.

Pope Adrian Bless is the alternative hiphop artist based in Indianapolis, Indiana. With the clashing melodies and harmonies to accentuate his lyricism the 27 year old is bringing a unique sound to the Midwest. Born and raised in the Crosstown section of Indianapolis he has showcased his ability to freestyle in numerous cyphers but also creates thought provoking songs with a creative twist.
He has released 13 hiphop projects in the last 7 years. He has performed all over the world including 2018 performances in Hong Kong, San Diego, St. Louis, South Dakota, Minnesota in addition to regularly performing all over Central Indiana. He has headlined Oranje Indy, The Virginia Avenue Music Festival, and been featured on the main stage of Chreece at the HiFi He has been featured in NUVO Magazine, The Indy Star, WFYI, and countless other media outlets.

Pope has been awesome to work with since I met him (virtually) just a couple days ago. Can’t wait to share the movie, and the opening scene with you all.

Connect via Email: Adrianblessktda@gmail.com
Website: www.popeadrianbless.com

Twitter & Instagram: @adrianblessktda
Facebook: facebook.com/popeadrianbless

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