Dad and Mom, i.e. Jack and Ann Dorsey, were out yesterday getting out the word for the third Vintage Watercolorists of Washington show that opens at Sunnyshore Studio on Saturday, March 7th. We’re so thankful for their tireless promotion of this show!

Here’s a poster going up at Karl’s Paints in Mount Vernon.

Mom puts up a poster at Dokata Art in Mount Vernon.

And Dad at Tri-Dee Arts in Mount Vernon.

We’re also thankful for our 2020 Vintage Watercolorists who are helping to get the word out on our upcoming show, like John Ebner who poster his personalized poster/invite on facebook.

In my spare hours, I’m hard at work writing the articles on each of our artists. We have a terrific, truly amazing line up of gifted watercolorists for this years show: Jack Dorsey, John Ebner, Carla O’Connor, Joan Pinney, Joan Reeves, Tony Turpin and host, Jack Dorsey.

Hope you will join us! The opening reception on Saturday, March 7th, 3:00-5:00pm will be absolutely PACKED as it always is.

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