Acrylic University is thrilled to introduce the first students in our Access to Art program. These three young women applied and have been accepted into the two-year Access to Art program.

The goal of the Access to Art program is to provide artistically gifted students with access to (1) high quality art instruction, (2) art supplies and (3) a supportive art community. All youth ages 13-22 are welcome to apply. We hope to provide access to many low-income youth over the years to come. We are thrilled to welcome the following young women:


My name is Cajun-Rain. I’m fifteen years old. I live in Warm Springs, Oregon.

My interest in art began when my sister introduced me to art a year ago. One of the hard things I struggle with in creating is making something unique. This art program will help me create and explore my art and grow as an artist.

Anna Ronning

Hi! My name is Kristen Ronning. I am 15 years old and I live in Stanwood, Washington.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in art. As soon as I could express myself, it was concentrated through creating art. My interest grew through my parents’ encouragement and simple practice. I’ve been focused mainly on sketching female faces, as that’s what has come easiest to me, but I’m eager to expand the ways that I create. It is hard for me to work with mediums other than a pencil and paper, but that’s what I’m hoping to figure out! The struggle I face is my own perfectionism and self-doubt, a relatively busy schedule (for a 15-year-old), and a lack of knowledge and education on painting, an art form I’ve wanted to, but never quite grasped. “Access to Art” would greatly help me by introducing me to new ways I can be imaginative and creative and teaching me the techniques I can use, so I can grow and be confident in my art!

Marley Raunig

My name is Marley Raunig. I’m thirteen years old and I live in Seattle, WA.

I started painting with acrylic paints last summer. The hardest part about painting is I have a lot of ideas and not enough time to paint. This program will help me to learn more about painting techniques.

10% of the sales from Jed Dorsey’s upcoming Radiant Landscapes show is going to fund these students.

You can support the Access to Art students by purchasing a painting on our online gallery, or by a monetary gift. If you would like to help support an Access to Art Student please contact Jason Dorsey:

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