Acrylic University has officially launched!

You can check out the web site at the bottom of this page.

Acrylic University was created by Jed and Renae Dorsey – with strong assistance from Dan Ericson and Peter Stout – to make acrylic instruction and creative community accessible to everyone.


Acrylic University features high quality painting instruction by Jed, an expanding course list with comprehensive supply list for each course, a library of paint along videos where you can learn looking over Jed’s shoulder and through his heart, and connection to an on-line artistic, creative, encouraging community.

Jed and Renae emphasize the community aspect of Acrylic University. They dream of the community platform connecting a bibrant community of artists and creative people who share a love of life and learning and beauty and art. In other words, Acrylic University is not just about painting. It is about community!


There is a two week window to sign up to get the best rates! From today until June 20th, 2019: the monthly price of $45 is offered $33 a month. The yearly regular fee of $397 is cut in half! The two week launch price is $197. If you buy the yearly at this reduced rate, it comes to only $17 a month.

And in case you’re just not sure it’s worth the coin, you have 30 days to try the site out. If you don’t love it there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Access to Art Pilot Program

Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director, Jason Dorsey, is working with Jed and Renae to develop Acrylic University’s “Access to Art” program. This program is geared towards giving youth, especially low income and disenfranchised youth, access to art instruction, art supplies and creative community.

The Need

Many young people have great artistic potential but do not have access to art instruction and supplies. Public education’s focus on the core subjects of math, English and science, and its value of athletics over art, often means that these young people’s artistic potential is not encouraged or cultivated. The cost of private art lessons and art supplies make the cultivation of young people’s artistic gifts available exclusively for the wealthy. Acrylic University aims to make art accessible for young people, especially youth from low income families. However, access to art instruction and supplies is not enough. These young people need the encouragement and critique, nurture and support of a community for their artistic gifts to flourish.

The Mission

The mission of AU’s Access to Art program is to provide artistically gifted youth access to art instruction, art supplies, and a supportive art community.   

The Vision

Over the next decade to raise up many gifted, successful artists who “share beauty” with the world by providing the Art for Access Program to hundreds of students.

The Program

Acrylic University believes access to art instruction, art supplies, and a supportive art community is the key to unlock the artistic potential of young people. Our program is aimed at providing this access to youth 12-22 years of age, and is especially geared towards youth from low-income families.

  1. Art Instruction: Acrylic University provides online instruction in acrylic painting from Master artist Jed Dorsey. Jed’s engaging, encouraging instruction style allows for youth to learn “over his shoulder and through his heart.” Much of what we learn is from watching someone else, learning from them. Acrylic University offers classes beginning with 101, the most basic class to more advanced courses. Because the instruction is on-line, the student can watch the lessons from his/her phone, or a computer at the library or at home.
  2.  Art Supplies: Acrylic University ships a backpack with all the necessary art supplies to begin painting. This includes easel, brushes, acrylic paint, palette, and canvases. It also includes a supply list for the student so that he/she can have a guide to purchase supplies in the future. It is important that all of the supplies fit in a backpack because many of these youth live transient lives, moving from apartment to apartment and they need to be able to carry their mini-art studio with them.
  3. Art Community. Enrollment in AU’s Access to Art community immediately connects the artistically gifted youth into a supportive, encouraging community. This starts with an “Advocate” who knows the youth’s potential and pledges to support them in their journey. The advocate is someone who knows the student and is in their lives. It might be a parent, grandparent or guardian, or a teacher.  After filling out an application and acceptance into the program, the youth is connected to a multi-generation community of artists facilitated by a “Coach” who provide support, encouragement, and critique.   

If you’re interested in sponsoring a young person in this pilot “Access to Art” program please contact Renae Dorsey:

Here’s the link to the web site that’s just gone live:



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