A few weeks after I OK’d the proofs for I Remember Running Through the Woods, the second in my children’s book series, I realized that I had failed to thank in the “Acknowledgement” section a very important person. Now that we are picking up the books today (Jenny is in Salem, OR) from the printer, I feel a thanks and public acknowledgement is due.

A couple of years ago, when I was honing the story, I reached out on facebook for creative editing help and feedback. My friend, Bethany Warner, contacted me and said she was willing to help.

Bethany 2

I had the privilege of serving as Bethany’s pastor at Redeemer in Indianapolis, and the honor of doing the wedding service for her and Jeremiah.

Bethany 3

I thought to myself that this was a very wonderful thing for a couple of reasons: First, Bethany. is one of the widest read people I know. She recently shared her following “Reading Stats” for 2018:

85 books
20,493 pages
189.25 hours/audio

Cumulative: 1436 books (since 2002); 190,472 pages (since 2015… I didn’t start adding page counts till later!); 622.3 hours of audio (since 2015. Ditto on hours of listening.)

The second reason is that she is the Director of Development at the Indianapolis Library Foundation. In other words, she works at the library, she knows books and loves books!

The third reason is that I’ve worked with Bethany before on another editing project. I know she’s fun to work with, has high creative and verbal IQ, and I thought it would give us an opportunity to work together again. Actually, the fact of the matter is, I needed her help!

Bethany provided some real helpful editing feedback on the book, and she did it pro bono, gratis, for free!

So…Bethany, here is my belated thanks and acknowledgement.

Dear Bethany,

I’m REALLY, REALLY GRATEFUL for your generous help to me on I Remember Running Through the Woods. Your willingness to give your creative gifts freely and provide such great feedback was immensely helpful. If it ever goes to a second edition, I’ll make sure you are named in the acknowledgments.  I’m thankful for your friendship and presence in my life over the years.

Grace, Jason

Cover - I RTW

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