It was a magical Christmas Day on Camano. After Redeemer’s Christmas Eve service we drove up to the Studio. Snow was falling and the roads were very slippery. Jenny and the boys had some drama on the hills near the Country Club with cars sliding all around them. They got pushed up a hill by a few strapping young men who were also trying to get to “Grandma’s house.”

Christmas Day we woke to the still of three inches of snow.


After opening gifts, we walked with Dad and Mom through the woods back to their house. To take the first of our planned “daily hikes”.


Let me share with you what I saw…


I loved how the snow makes everything look, including Dad’s “studio” sign.


Dad’s old studio is always such a great scene, but especially vintage in the snow.



I enjoyed walking around the Dad and Mom’s place taking pictures.


Everything is so fresh and clean and sparkly in the snow.

Especially Jackie!


It’s hard to really picture how tall these Black Walnut trees really are. They tower over one’s head, cathedral like. I can remember when they were much smaller and we climbed on them when we were kids. My Grandpa on my mom’s side, “Doc” Dodgson, loved black walnuts. He asked his son in law, Ken Day, to ask Ken’s dad to bring back some black walnuts that were available where he lived in Ohio. Mom started them, and they grew and she put them far, far away from the house. Not quite far enough one thinks now, but so lovely in the snow.


Mom accompanied the kids and I to Sunnyshore Beach. Because it is across from our childhood home where I and my siblings played, we call it “our beach”.


It’s hard to describe how incredibly beautiful, subtle and muted and still as they were.

We took plenty of pictures down the hill, and on the bridge. It was that kind of day. Just slow and traipse and lots of time, and lost in the wonder of the beauty.

image7-4 copy

The tide was high in the slough, and the reflections in the water were stunning.

Here was the view from the Beach looking south toward Tillicum Beach.


Jenny met us for a family photo after we returned, and dad cooked us a delicious brunch: pancakes, eggs, thuringia, and a warm fire to unthaw our toes.

That’s the news from the Dorsey Art Compound on Camano. On this magical Christmas, the Jason and Jenny Dorsey family wishes all of our family and friends and warm and merry Christmas, and a happy new year. We hope that you put a visit to Sunnyshore Studio, maybe even an extended stay, on your “to do list” for 2018!

Christmas Card.jpg


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