On Friday, October 13th, the family of Fanny Y. Cory gathered at Sunnyshore Studio to celebrate her life and to be together as a family. Many came from Oklahoma, and one all the way from New Jersey. Over 70 were able to attend, and it was sweet to be together after all these years.

Each of Fanny’s grandkids that were there – Margaret Day, Bud Dodgson, Robert Dodgson, and Ann Dorsey – introduced their family “clan.”

It is remarkable to how many of the family are gifted artistically. In this blog we will introduce you to some of them through short videos.

We’ll start with the Day Brothers who provided great bluegrass music throughout the opening weekend.

The Day Bros Cropped Tractor

David Day

Daniel Day

John Day 

David’s daughter, Amanda Pearson, is a very talented, creative artist. Here is a little bit about her and some footage of her art. We’re hoping that she will display some of her art at the Mother’s Day show in May!



My daughter, Jackie Dorsey, is quite a talent herself.

Jackie Dorsey


My cousin, Beth Day, traveled all the way from California. She spoke about her son Patrick’s art.

Patrick Day


My Uncle Bud is a folk artist. He makes bolo ties out of old cd’s and dvd’s, each with a cross on it, each meant to share the love of God. I didn’t get an interview of Bud but I did get a video of his folk art. He gives them away for free.

Bud Dodgson


We also had art from Sayre Dodgson (daughter of Fanny Y. Cory), Ann Cory Dorsey (granddaughter of FYC), and Robert Dodgson (grandson of FYC). I didn’t get interviews of them either. But I do have a video that celebrates our family’s time together. Enjoy!



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