“You shouldn’t just consume culture, Jackie. You should create it.”

Jacqueline or “Jackie” Dorsey regularly hears these words from her father Jason, and rightly so. There is an formidable host of talented women artists in Jackie’s family that stretches back to the nationally known Fanny Y. Cory. Her lineage includes her great grandmother, Fanny’s daughter, Sayre Dodgson who attended at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Her grandmother, Ann Cory (Dorsey), is a gifted artist, as is her aunt April Nelson.

You can read more about Jackie’s artistic heritage here:

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Jacqueline was born in 2002 in Seattle, WA, to Jason and Jenny Dorsey. She is the youngest of four, with three older brothers: Jacob, Julian and Judah.


Jackie spent most of her young life in Indianapolis where her dad pastored Redeemer, a Presbyterian church in downtown Indianapolis.

The church shared a facility with an arts organization so Jackie grew up surrounded by a creative community. She also took art through the Indianapolis Public Schools which she attended through the seventh grade.

Jackie’s family moved back to the Seattle area in August 2015. In many ways Washington had been like a second home to her since her family had traveled back to vacation almost every summer.

Jackie loves the outdoors. She’s something like a wilderness princess. She especially loves Lake Michigan.

She also loves being creative. She writes creatively and keeps a journal. She loves to dance and sing.

Here’s a clip from a recent “Night on Broadway” put on by Redmond High School concert, jazz, and chamber choir.

She especially loves her mom, Jenny, who has been her best friend from childhood on!

Grandma's visit 11

bday - Jackie 10

She’s emerging as a gifted artist too. I suppose growing up in a family of artists contributed to that. And it can’t hurt that she was at the groundbreaking for the Studio her dad and mom built, and she hung the sign at the “soft opening” on Mother’s Day 2016.

And later that year served as a very elegant host at the Studio’s Grand Opening in December.

Sunnyshore2 (15 of 33)

But at the end of the day, an artist has to stand on their own two feet. And Jackie is beginning to stand quite confidently on her artistic feet.

A few years ago she painted this lovely watercolor of a ballet dancer’s slippers, perhaps we might see this painting as symbolic of her own standing up as an artist in her own right!

Jackie's story 1

More recently she’s been working on some watercolor paintings for the 2017 Camano Island Studio Tour on Mother’s Day weekend.

We’ll see where Jackie’s path takes her as a creative person. She’s sure to continue to be inspired by the beauty of the northwest and Camano Island.

A recent business trip with her dad down to Oregon and to the Oregon coast proved that Jackie’s has plenty of spunk, lots of ideas, dreams, visions, and creativity, grit, courage, and a love for beauty. We’ll see where that takes her, won’t we?

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