April Nelson is the daughter of Jack and Ann Dorsey, Granddaughter of Sayre Dodgson and great Granddaughter of Fanny Y. Cory.

baby april

April as a baby surrounded by her mom (Ann), Grandma Sayre, and Great Grandma, FY Cory. 

She was raised on beautiful Camano Island with her older brother Jason and younger brother Jed. Growing up they played imaginary games for hour upon hour and creativity blossomed.

Growing up in a family of artists gave April a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to fine art at a young age.

April bday16

This exposure created an interest in and an appreciation for the arts, namely painting and drawing.  As the years went by, April pursued this natural interest by reading books and taking classes and workshops from many great artists whose works she admired.  Through the years, she has appreciated input from family members who enjoy giving a friendly art critique on paintings in progress.  To share the enjoyment and pursuit of creating art with her family has been a lifelong joy.

 April Nelson, Island Roses, mixed media, 300 dpi

April’s desire to share the natural beauty of the world through art continues.  Whether attempting to capture the rich colors of dusk on a slough in the Skagit Valley or the thundering rise of a flock of snow geese, creating art is about seeing and thinking together, appreciating the beautiful world that God created and not taking it for granted.  She hopes that her art will communicate this to the viewer.  April strives, as Monet once said, “To paint as the birds sing.”

April Nelson's Beaches of Camano 2016 resized

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