The best place to catch the sunrise on Camano is on Livingston Bay. Any time of the day the Bay is beautiful. But perhaps most mesmerizing is at night around the end of September when a Harvest moon all huge and orange comes up on Livingston Bay and makes it like a fairy land.

Well over a hundred years ago part of Livingston Bay belonged to a logging camp. There was a slip road for rolling logs down to the beach from where they would be shipped to Everett and Seattle. At one time Livingston Bay had an Oyster farm, but it failed.


What is distinctive today about this large bay is the panoramic view. To the south is Iverson beach. West are the farms and Terry’s Corner, once owned by R.C. Terry who “everyone knew”.  North along Livingston Bay is Sundin Beach, then Juniper, then Stanwood and the Mainland, framed by the Cascades, and Mt. Baker. Sometimes you can even see Mt. Ranier to the south.

Livingston is a low bank waterfront. It is very shallow with mud flats and not much sand. You can dig for butter clams but they’re not very good.  In the summer the water is always warm because it comes in slowly over the mud, but you have to wait for high tide to swim. Be careful if you venture out into the mud flats. The tide comes in fast and there are deep channels. A few people have drowned by being caught in the mud flats with the rising tide.

In the fall migrating Canadian Geese and Snow geese, Mallards and Teal shelter at Utsalady.  And the Harvest Moon rises making the Bay a fairyland.


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