Today I bought a “Gallery in a Box” (or something to that effect) for Sunnyshore Studio and, at the same time, experienced a “Baton Pass” (or something of that sort) from a Camano Art Institution.

Here is that story.

For 12 years Doris Platis has been the Director of Seagrass Gallery whose current home is at Terry’s Corner. Over the past 12 years she has shown my dad’s, my sister’s, and most recently my brother Jed’s art. Her Gallery has been an anchor for the emerging “artist colony” on Camano Island.


A few weeks ago, I heard through a Camano Arts Association (CAA) member, Melanie S., that Doris was closing Seagrass Gallery so that she could focus more on making her own art. Melanie knew that we were trying to figure out a way to display art at Sunnyshore Studio (beyond just using the walls) and connected Doris and I together over our mutual need: Doris’ to sell the art displays used in Seagrass Gallery and I to buy (or have built) art displays for Sunnyshore Studio.

I met up with Doris at Seagrass. She explained to me the versatility of the system she uses, Pro Panels: how light they are, how easy to be configured for different layouts, and how the were great for outdoor booths also.

Since my wife Jenny is the Director of Sunnyshore Studio she was given the responsibility to make the final decision. She discussed different options with my dad and brother Jed; both Dad and Jed thought that we should build more permanent displays, but they also saw the benefit to taking our time to figure out precisely what our permanent displays should be.

Doris gave us an generous offer on her Pro Panels: 50% of their going price. Plus she would sell us signage, a print rack, display pedestals, and lighting.

Jenny decided that purchasing the Pro Panels from Seagrass Studio would give us time to figure out what works best with the space; that would give us multiple options until we land on the perfect design; and that once we figure out the best layout design for the permanent rolling panels that we could then use the Pro Panels for shows that require portable booth set up.

More than getting a “Gallery in a Box” I was thrilled that we would be able to help each other, and more significantly, that in some way Doris could pass the baton of her great Gallery on to us!

All of this, in God’s grace, came together with perfect timing. As you can see from these pictures the walls in the Studio are painted. We’re inching closing to being able to move in!

And when we do move in we have Doris and Seagrass Gallery to thank for their incredible generosity. We hope that we can carry on their tradition of offering great art at affordable prices to Islanders and visitors to our Island.





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