One of the funnest parts of hosting the first opening of Sunnyshore Studio is watching the art from different family members roll in. And roll in it does – consistently based on the artist’s personality.

What I mean is that it rolls in in a timely – or less timely manner – based on whether they are a “J” or “P” in the Myers-Briggs profile. For those who don’t know or who need a refresher “J” stands for Judging and “P” stands for Perceiving. For the Ps who are reading this, I know you have forgotten (or suppressed) your designation not wanting to be stuck in a box.

People who are Js tend to like to have a plan, to be organized, to be on time; in other words they thrive on a structure, plans, systems. They want to be “locked in”!

People who are Ps, on the other hand, prefer things to be open ended, they don’t want to be boxed in, they wait to the last second to keep their options open and to make the best choice. They want to “go with the flow”!

I was in my 30’s when it dawned on me that I was a J that had grown up in a family of Ps. Finally I understood why I often felt like I was from another planet (because I would be going crazy that we were late while everyone else was just enjoying the process), why my dad and mom and sister and even brother often looked at me as such an oddball (because of my insistence on having a “plan”). It also helped explain why in my childhood I would draw rows and rows and rows of stick figures – hundreds of them – marching in orderly procession.

My brother Jed, although a P, is not a hard-core P and even leans towards the J spectrum at times.


Consequently, Jed’s first shipment of art for the show rolled in almost a month ago. Last week we received three more stunning paintings which will be on sale this weekend.

Jed's art 1Jed's art 2Jed's art 3

My mom, who is definitely a P, but also is a get-the-job-done woman with certain J tendencies, as of today has all of her art hung in the upstairs apartment. I can’t wait to see her beautiful acrylics and I’m not surprised her art is hung!

Mom and FY Cory

My dad and my sister April – alas – are hardest of hard core Ps. There is no hope for them.

Their work must wait until that last moment when artistic creativity and an intense deadline spark artworks of great beauty. Roll in they will, and worth the wait they are, but at the very last second indeed.

I wonder what my older brother Jeff is (I suspect he’s a P since he gets along so well with my dad), and what my great grandmother FC Cory was (I suspect a J since she got so much done).

And I meditate on the mystery of how God the Great Artist hand-crafts people in family – one family having such striking similarities and yet each individual so strikingly unique.

I suppose this is what makes us, as Anne Lammott puts it, a “fambly” – unique individuals  brought together by God’s loving appointment  and bonded together by love and loyalty.

Meanwhile the art from the each family member rolls according to each person’s individuality, each bringing their unique spark and specialness together into what stands to be a QUITE REMARKABLE SHOW!







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