Help me help my mom.

My mom, Ann Cory Dorsey (as an artist she goes by the name Ann Cory) was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 8th, 2015. One of the chief reasons I returned to the Pacific Northwest and left a vibrant church and ministry in downtown Indianapolis was so that I could be here to walk alongside mom in her journey and to be a strong support for mom and dad in this chapter of their life.

One of the practical ways I am seeking to support my mom and dad is in the creation of an art studio, called Sunnyshore Studio, where I can showcase and sell their beautiful art.

Here’s how you can help me help my mom. 

Nine beautiful acrylics painted by my my will be on sale at Sunnyshore Studio during the Camano Island Studio Tour taking place on Mother’s Day Weekend (May 5-7) and the following “encore” weekend (May 13 & 14th). Mom will also have many framed prints of her art also for sale at very good prices.

On this Mother’s Day our family is celebrating mom’s successful completion of her cancer treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. She has come through treatment with the grace and cheerfulness and hope that has marked her whole life.

I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate my mom’s journey through cancer and her beautiful art at the Mother’s Day show. Mom’s ability to paint the softness and sublimity of nature, and especially young children who she loves, is truly unique. I’m confident that her work will be a joy and blessing to whoever purchases it; in a sense, through her art, they will have a part of her, the way she sees a thing and expresses it.

I’m thankful to be the son of a mom who is living masterpiece, who by her life and through her art, reveals the grace and kindness and beauty of the God who is her creator and redeemer.

Thanks in advance for all who will – in big ways or small – help me help my mom!

   50th anniversary

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