This weekend was special. Judah’s wrestling coach from Indianapolis, Timothy Barnes, and one of his best friends and wrestling buddies, Tyler Bowling, surprised him with a visit.

On Saturday, Tim, Tyler, Judah and I drove up to Camano Island to do some work at the studio – our first communal work day at the Studio! It was a beautiful morning. We rolled into mom and dad’s house a little after 9am. We strapped on our work boots and headed to the Studio.

I mowed. Tim, Judah and Tyler dug holes. We needed the holes to be dug as deep as possible, unto they hit clay. We are hoping to find some good soil that perks well so we don’t have to do a mound septic system. This would save us $6,000. It was great to have their help. They worked hard and knocked out 5 holes in less than two hours.

Dad got into the action too! He brought down his riding mower and we cut the grass for the first time in the spring.


There was a little bit of standing around and jawing among the work crew. That’ s what happens when dad is around: storytelling, yarn-spinning, and a few cardinal rules and “believe you me’s”.

I was happy to discover a little patch of forget-me-nots which are my favorite flowers.


We completed the morning work by 11:00 and I gave a quick tour of the Studio. I was happy to see that Spane’s team has begun to install the siding.

We had time before lunch, so we walked down to the beach where I grew up playing: fishing, swimming, rafting and roaming as a boy. I shared the story about a little trouble with law enforcement I had gotten into the summer after my eight grade year.

Took some picture on the bridge.

It was warm for April. Even the rocks were warm.


Tyler dared stick his toes in the cold water.

Judah won the rock skipping competition.

Tyler won the sword fight competition.

Mom cooked a delicious lunch. Dad and I went out to his studio and signed our I Remember Fishing with Dad illustration.

Dad took Tyler out to the back yard and gave him a golf lesson.

It was a magical day.  Old friends + a work project + a sunny beach on an island = this is what I hope Sunnyshore Studio will be about for decades to come: friendship, community, a place set apart for what really matters! If we save $6,000 that will be great, but, at the end of the day, not really what matters at all.


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