I’m delighted to be able to introduce Sunnyshore Studio’s brand, the sign designed by my dear friend Jacob Swearingen.


I chose Jacob for two reasons. First, I love Jacob’s creative, whimsical style, and I knew that he could create the kind of Island feel I wanted for the sign.

Second, I want Sunnyshore Studio to be more than just a vibrant working studio, or place to display our family’s art legacy, or even a place to host guests. I want it to be a place of sharing in community and creativity, a place where I could invite people “in” to community, creativity and Camano: Camano’s simple and slow pace, its sparkly and salty waters, the carefree and happy Island life.

And I knew my friend Jacob would get that, native of this place as I am. I was thrilled when Jacob agreed to take on the project.

Here is his early design work.  Jacob's sunny shore sketch

As I try to create a place of community and creativity, as I try to weave together the threads of my life on Camano Island, Salem, OR, Seattle, Indianapolis, and know Redmond, WA into a seamless thread, I’m so thankful to have a sign – a brand – hand crafted by a friend, a sign that invites people into so much more than just a family art studio and gallery: into community, into creativity, and into the slow and simple and carefree place that is Camano.

Come In!


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