Excavation for the parking area and the Studio site has begun. Today my mom sent me pictures that she and dad took of Donnie Watkins working his magic on the excavator.

First, Donnie prepped the entrance for the heavy equipment (pole diggers) that Jim Spane will use.

He then excavated out the parking area. It’s been a super wet November and December and the ground was wet. So he dug a little trench to drain the water away. The parking area is beginning to look great.

Because it’s so wet, Donnie suggested we wait a bit for things to dry out so that we don’t have to haul in so much pit run rock for fill for the foundation. I’m ok with waiting since being patient on this will save quite a bit of money. But really hoping we can have a building up by Mother’s Day for the art tour.

Also, PUD installed a transformer and an electricity line so we now have electricity to the temporary power pole. I’m very thankful to my dad for all his help on this project!

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