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Work has begun on Jackie’s Tiny House

A couple of years ago Jackie Dorsey shared her dream to build a tiny house at Sunnyshore Studio where she could retreat, do creative work and get away from technology. (I’m going to hold her to that “no technology” phrase :).

We promised Jackie that we would build a tiny house for her. But that was a big commitment and I’m not that good at construction work. So it was all a bit overwhelming.

Until Jenny stumbled across a do-it-yourself shed at Costco that she thought would be a perfect tiny house for Jackie. Jackie agreed.

Two weeks ago it was delivered to Sunnyshore Studio. Today we started work on Jackie’s tiny house.

Jackie and Jacob did some excavation work.


We laid the “cornerstone”. Not so much a stone, but the corner from which everything else is measured.


Dad “just happened” the foundation blocks at his house and donated them to the cause. He came through for us again, and even lent a hand.

We have lots of work ahead of us. But we have a good start and it will be fun to see the tiny house take shape!

You’ll have to come visit Jackie’s tiny house someday. She wants it to be a place of rest and creativity.

Sharing Sunnyshore Studio with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Grace for the first time

The mission of Sunnyshore Studio is to share the beauty of Camano with the world. But it took a full year before Grandpa Ron, and Grandma Grace, the parents of Jenny Dorsey to stay at the studio after work on it had been completed in December 2016.

It was especially exciting because they arrived in Stanwood in glorious fashion: on the train! Jenny and Jackie were on pins and needles as the train pulled in on Tuesday, December 26th.


We hauled Ron and Grace’s bags to our car and drove out to the Studio.

It was so special to drive up to the Studio with the Christmas lights all aglow.


Ron and Grace were so enthusiastic about seeing the Studio and our kids were happy to be able to share it with them. And so we camped out the next four days together, enjoying the beauty of Camano, and most importantly, being together.


Sharing Camano 2017: Days 1 & 2

Sunnyshore Studio’s first “Sharing Camano” is going great. Here’s Jason Dorsey’s report from the first two days.

On Sunday evening, after my work duties had been wrapped up and my vacation officially had begun, my daughter Jackie and I drove to Stanwood to help my wife Jenny load up the canopy and panels and paintings that had been part of Sunnyshore Studio’s display for the three days of “Art by the Bay.”


After getting everything loaded up and we drove onto Camano Island, leaving our cares behind and looking forward to a week of creativity.

When we arrived at the Studio we met our friends from Indianapolis who are staying their: Cory and Erin Hall and their daughter Jackie.


We said goodbye to Jenny who headed back to our apartment in Redmond, and set up our tent tucked in among the trees (the Halls are staying in the Studio’s apartment).

We woke up bright and early on Monday morning. At 3:30am the full moon was so bright it was like day, and by 5:00am the sun was streaming into our tent.


My Jackie watered the plants and the lawn. I worked on my painting of where the Skykomish and Wallace Rivers meet.  IMG_3720

At 10am Jackie and I drove into Stanwood. I had a meeting with a few other art organization leaders and cultural entrepreneurs with the City of Stanwood. We discussed a larger arts and cultural vision.

Then Jackie and I enjoyed a very delicious lunch at Jimmy’s pizza.


When we returned to the Studio we found that Cory and Erin had been very busy with painting projects of their own.

I took some time in the afternoon rummaging through the desk of my pastor mentor Otto Sather whose biography I’m working on. His pastoral Record was super interesting. Among other things, I saw the record of how in 1961 Otto has baptized my dad.


We enjoyed a wonderful campfire and talk late into the night with Cory and Erin.

Tuesday morning, we walked over to my parents house for breakfast. Jed had made a yummy french toast treat.


Then Jackie joined 14 others for Jed’s art workshop. It was fun to see my friend from high school, Arnold Ronning, at the workshop.

After the workshop Jackie and I stopped by the Camano Island Marketplace to check on my Beaches of Camano book and to see Dave Cassel’s wonderful new Gallery and wine shop which was very impressive.


Then Jackie and I spent some time lounging in the sand and enjoy the beauty of Utsalady Bay.

We returned to Sunnyshore and met our two other guests Katie, from Indianapolis and her friend Kristen who grew up in Indiana and now lives in Bremerton.

We enjoyed a BBQ dinner and long conversation.


Sharing Camano = building community through creativity!






Sharing Camano 2017: Sharing the Beauty of Camano Island and Building Community Through Art

You are invited to join Jason Dorsey and Jed and Renae Dorsey for Sharing Camano: a week of art, creativity and community on beautiful Camano Island, taking place Monday, July 10 through Saturday, July 15.

Jason 46 14

There are a lot of ways to participate in our first annual Sharing Camano from total immersion to just showing up at one of our events. Here are all the activities that will be going on (for fuller descriptions see below):

  • Join other artists doing creative work: Monday, July 10 – Friday, July 14
  • Attend Jed Dorsey Acrylic Workshop: Tuesday, July 11 – Friday, July 14
  • Camp at Sunnyshore Studio property and enjoy beautiful Camano Island: Monday, July 10 – Sunday, July 16
  • Participate in our community Dinners and Fireside: Monday, July 10– Friday, July 14
  • Attend the Opening of Jed’s solo exhibit There and Back Again: Fresh Work by Jed Dorsey:  The Reception is on Saturday, July 15,  from 10:00am-9:00pm.

Creativity in Community

Sunnyshore Studio invites artists and creative people to a week of creativity in community. We have room for fifteen artists/creatives (artists, authors, musicians, filmakers, etc) to share space at the studio and do their creative work in community. Each participating artist will have room to set up their easel, writing desk, creative work station, etc. Artists will have access to the studio 24/7 and can come and go at their own leisure. If artists are traveling from out of town, they are welcome to camp on our property ($25 a night). Artists will provide their own breakfast and lunch; they are welcome to join us in a “pitch in” community dinner each evening.

  • Monday, 8:00am through Friday, July 14, 5:00pm
  • Cost is $100.
  • If you’re interested reserve your spot by calling Jason Dorsey (317.209.6768).

Julian 15

Jed Dorsey’s Acrylic Workshop

Jed Dorsey is leading an acrylic workshop beginning Tuesday, July 11 and running through Friday, July 14. This workshop will be held on the beautiful farm on Camano Island of Jed and Jason’s sister, April Nelson.


Signing up for Jed’s workshop is a great way to grow as an artist. Jed’s ability to communicate his thought process and bring instruction to life through demonstrations make the experience valuable for artists of all levels. Jed creates a fun and inspiring environment. Artists taking Jed’s workshop are welcome to join us for our pitch-in dinner and fireside Monday-Friday at Sunnyshore Studio. They are also invited to show their artworks at the Jed Dorsey and Friends New Works show that will take place on Saturday, July 15. Space is limited to 15 artists. Cost $300.

Register here:

nov workship 8

Camp at Sunnyshore Studio and enjoy beautiful Camano Island

If you’d like to spend time with creative people in community and play on the beaches of Camano in July, you are welcome to camp out on our property. Campers will be on their own for breakfast and lunch but are welcome to join us for our “pitch in” Community Dinners. Cost 20$ a night.



Participate in Community “Pitch In” Dinner and Fireside

Maybe you can’t rent space at the Studio, attend Jed’s workshop, or camp out. You’re still welcome to join us for our “pitch in” community dinners which are great opportunities to make new or deeper friendships. At our firesides Jason will be sharing his work on Identity Mapping, and we’ll have great times of singing and sharing too. We’d love to have you join us for one of them.

16 island 001

Attend Jed Dorsey’s solo show titled There and Back Again: Fresh Work by Jed Dorsey

You won’t want to miss this exhibit of new art by Jed Dorsey, a Camano Island native and rising star in the art world. The Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, July 15th, from 10am – 9pm.

There and Back Again (2)

This will be Jed’s first solo show on Camano Island. His art combines design, color and light to create epic landscapes. Islanders and northwest art lovers will be interested in adding Jed’s art to their collection.

Stop by throughout the day on Saturday, July 15th, from 10am-9pm for the Big Party and to begin or build your collection of Jed Dorsey artworks and enjoy the big party!

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